Sunday, September 29, 2013

LeSpork Bass Prototype - Groovin'

Groovin',on a Sunday afternoon,
Really couldn't get away too soon

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  After a busy week and taking care of a few other things around the house, it was Sunday evening by the time I got back to this bass neck repair.  The glue from work I did last week to the back of the neck was plenty dry.  A little sanding was next.

After using some #100 grit to take off the bulk of the excess, I touched things up with some #220 grit and moved on to filling in the end of the truss rod groove.

With the truss rod in its new position at the nut end, I measured the length that needed to filled in at the heel end.

A 1/2-inch thick piece of oak was just the right width for filing in the groove.

After a half hour of trimming and sanding, the infill piece was ready to be cut to final length.

With some glue and a few clamps in place, it was time to call it a night.

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