Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jay Turser JTA-Flag300 - Sunday Papers

Well I got nothing against the press.
They wouldn't print it if it wasn't true.

After skimming a few articles and columns in the newspaper, I realized there were much better things I could be doing with my time on a rainy Sunday.  The last thing I needed to do before reattaching the fretboard to the neck was to add another pair of shims.  This pair increases the width at the end of the neck to match the neck block slot, providing a way to align the centerline of the neck with the bridge.

Like the neck set angle, I cut these scabs thick enough to allow for some trimming.  After attaching these scabs with a pair of cauls, glue and three bar clamps, I left the assembly to dry overnight.

Melting down celluloid binding with acetone to a workable, paste-like consistency takes a few days.  There were a few places on the ivory fretboard binding that needed some touch up, and I needed some black material for repairs at the rear of the bowl at that hole repair along with a few other places.  Not having any unused mason jars on hand, I made a run to the store for some jars of baby food.  After stirring the mixtures of binding bits and acetone, I sealed the jars tightly and left them to sit for a few days.

Having done all I could on this Sunday, I settled down with the comics to see what my son found so funny in Rhymes With Orange.

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