Sunday, April 15, 2012

Harmony H1203 Sovereign - Back to You Part 2

Oh it's taking so long.  I could be wrong, I could be ready...

The singed hide glue mess came off of the back panel easily with some steam and a little wet scraping.  I had to be careful to aim the steam away from the braces, so this would not turn into more brace repairs.  Followed by some dry sanding, the back panel was ready for reattachment.  Next, I moved on to the cleaning up the edges of the body where the sides meet the back panel, and the glue that had dripped onto the inside of the top panel and braces.  Some dry scraping and sanding quickly took care of that.

Next came a few more dry fittings, with some sanding at the slots in the sides that accept the ends of the braces.  While running some errands this afternoon, I picked up some fresh hide glue and another four bar clamps.  I’m hopeful that by using some painters tape with a combination of more bar clamps and less spool clamps, I can get the back panel and sides to mate up good enough so I can finish the edge with a simple binding strip.  I put some tape on the sides and back panel to help remind me where the braces are as well as a couple other spots to help keep things lined up during clamping and drying.  That does it for tonight, gluing it together will wait until tomorrow.

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