Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jay Turser JTA-Flag300 - Time After Time

The second hand unwinds
If you're lost you can look - and you will find me
Time after time

Very few things in life compare to the excitement of finding a long-anticipated package with an eBay label in the mailbox.  The second preamp I ordered arrived today!  Within minutes, I had it out of the packaging and on the work bench, and was checking out the fit.  Could this be the one?

The output jack on this model came pre-wired, so I swapped out the stock assembly for this one.  The under saddle pickup was the only connection to be made, and that's made with a standard jack and plug.  With the pickup connected, I pushed the excess wire lengths into her body cavity, cinched the two new wires into place with the original clip, and was instantly delighted - this preamp slipped right into place like it was original equipment!

From the shadow cast onto the body pictured above, it's clear that this model is intended to fit a hole cut closer to the waist of a guitar.  Noticing that the faceplate was bendable, I slowly installed the screws at the four corners to see check the alignment of the screw holes in the preamp and body.

To my astonishment, as I tightened the screws, the faceplate bent and conformed the contour of her body.  Even the rubber gasket fit nicely, making a consistent seal between the faceplate and the edge of the opening.

With that, the installation was complete, and it was time to move on to testing the new parts in This Old Guitar.  I took her body inside, installed a 9V battery in the preamp, and plugged her in to my son's amp.  With a few taps on the body, and some fiddling around with the tone and volume controls, I could  hear that the pickup and preamp were working fine.  After returning her body to the workbench, I logged on to my eBay account to give lvjiajia1703 some very positive feedback and add this vendor to my list of Favorite Sellers.

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