Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jay Turser JTA-Flag300 - Too Tight

Baby, don't get too tight with me
Yes, you're far too tight for me.

The plan to tighten up this neck joint is to install a nut insert in the neck heel that will receive a bolt through the neck block.  Adjustment of the neck angle will be made by shimming the joint.  The bolt will have a hex end so it can be tightened with a socket through the sound hole.

Since there's only enough room for one bolt into the neck and block, I'm rebuilding the neck joint to get as good a fit as possible.  I cleaned up the dovetail joint some last time, and moved on to the neck heel repair.  I started by cutting and sanding just enough of what was left to make it level.

Next came fitting up a piece of oak.  I left it slightly large so I could sand it smooth after letting the glue dry.

Before calling it a night, I took some measurements for the bolt and nut insert.